Warm and sunny, 80s (F), prey is running well.

UPDATE - 8/13/18 LitL's first gathering has begun (click here)! For those of you who have not participated in one of our gatherings before, please read the information at the top of Turtlestar's post before making any posts of your own. If you have any questions, please direct them to any staff member.

UPDATE - 8/12/18 WindClan MCA is also now open! Trick is requesting that all interested applicants who plan to make a new character for the position PM them a personality blurb along with plot ideas (on site, not on Discord). For preexisting cats who have already been accepted, Trick is requesting that those cats have at least one thread with Rowanflight along with PMing plot ideas. Only apprentices 12 moons and older will be considered, and older is preferable as the apprentice should be able to take over in the near future. For more information or clarification, please DM Trick. If the chosen cat is a new character, it will be exempt from the ban on WC.

UPDATE - 8/12/18 ShadowClan MCA is now open. Ionic is requesting that all interested applicants have at least a partially completed bio posted on top of DMing them plot ideas. For preexisting cats who have already been accepted, Ionic is requesting that those cats have at least one thread with Ptarmiganflight. For more information or clarification, please DM Ionic.

UPDATE - 8/07/18 Got a lovely turn out for RC mca so far so I'm setting a deadline for August 10th end of day. Please contact Mink by then if interested.

UPDATE - 8/06/18 RiverClan mca is now open! Interested parties should PM Mink here or DM Mink on discord with a link to the character's bio or a short summary of their personality. Please include plot ideas if you have any. Possible mcas must be between 11-15 moons old and would have been training with Wax IC for 5-9 moons.

UPDATE - 8/05/18 After a lot of deliberation by staff & Hoot, we would like to congratulate Blue and Vinestorm on being chosen for RiverClan deputy! A big thank you goes out to all who auditioned. Now that all our main high ranks are filled, we can begin to plan our first Gathering - look out for more on that in the coming days!

UPDATE - 8/02/18 The activity check is officially complete! Those with accepted characters who failed to post for the AC have been moved to our inactive group where they will remain for a week before being deleted. If you'd like to remain on the site please PM a staff member with links to your bios and threads you'd like moved back. Members without accepted characters have been deleted, but please feel free to rejoin if you'd like! All characters (except those created within a week of the activity check) have been aged. Please check to see if your characters have aged up into a new bracket on the stat system, and take a peek at our bans & bribes as well as the mentor & apprentice list to see if any changes have been made. Final reminder that RiverClan deputy auditions are due by 11:59pm cst on the 4th!

UPDATE - 7/30/18 A deadline has been set for RiverClan deputy for Sunday August 5th. Please have auditions in by 11:59pm cst on August 4th to be considered.

UPDATE - 7/24/18 Thank you to everyone who auditioned for ShadowClan deputy! We received a large amount of auditions, which made this a tough choice for Louie and the staff team. We'd like to congratulate Monument and Juniperface on being chosen as ShadowClan's deputy! RiverClan deputy is still open, and in preparation for our first gathering we've put up an Activity Check. It will run from today until Thursday August 2nd. Please post by 11:59pm cst on the 1st.

UPDATE - 7/21/18 As with ShadowClan leader, we received a large amount of auditions for SkyClan medicine cat, and staff has spent a lot of time deliberating. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in an audition! At this time, we'd like to congratulate Yazsh and Garlicleaf on being chosen as SkyClan medicine cat. This means that our only remaining positions are ShadowClan deputy (07/24) and RiverClan deputy. We're excited to see what these upcoming auditions have in store for us!

UPDATE - 7/20/18 A deadline has been set for ShadowClan deputy for Tuesday July 24th! Please get auditions in by 11:59 PM on the 23rd to be considered.

UPDATE - 7/19/18 Thank you to everyone who auditioned for SkyClan deputy! We are pleased to announce Sylbrael's Wolf-frost as SkyClan's deputy. Remember that SkyClan medicine cat auditions are due by 11:59 PM CST on 07/20, and ShadowClan and RiverClan deputies remain open without a deadline. It's the final stretch--get those auditions going, and good luck!

UPDATE - 7/17/18 The deadline for SkyClan medicine cat will be this Saturday. For those interested in the position, please send in your auditions by 11:59 PM CST on 07/20 to be considered. Remember that SkyClan deputy will also close 07/18 at 11:59 PM CST! ShadowClan deputy and RiverClan deputy remain open without a deadline until we receive more auditions.

UPDATE - 7/14/18 A big thank you for everyone who auditioned! We’d like to congratulate Wanderlust with Sablestorm and Mink with Waxfur for ThunderClan deputy and RiverClan medicine cat respectively! At this time SkyClan medicine cat and RiverClan deputy are open for auditions. SkyClan deputy now has a deadline for July 19, please get your auditions sent to staff by July 18 at 11:59 pm cst! Info for applying and what's open can be found here.

UPDATE - 7/9/18 A deadline has been set for both RiverClan medicine cat and ThunderClan deputy for Saturday July 14th. Please get auditions in by 11:59 CST on July 13th to be considered!

UPDATE - 7/8/18 Thank you, thank you to everyone who auditioned for ShadowClan medicine cat! After some late deliberation staff is happy to award Ionic and Ptarmiganflight with the position! At this time ShadowClan deputy is opening for auditions. Check out open high ranks here.

UPDATE - 7/3/18 We will be announcing our choice for ShadowClan medicine cat on 7/8/18 -- this Sunday. Please send in your auditions by 11:59 PM CST on 7/7/18 in order to be considered, or notify staff if you are interested in the position but need more time to finish your application. Also remember that SkyClan deputy, ThunderClan deputy, and RiverClan medicine cat are all open for applications as well.



 Site Rules
 Posted: May 16 2018, 12:59 AM
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Welcome to Lies in the Low, or LitL! These rules are very important and are required reading. They may update as time goes on, but you'll be warned when that happens. If staff feels we're constantly having to warn you about rules or if we're getting complaints about your behavior you may be banned. Questions can be directed to staff.

1. LitL is a literate site. While our goal is to have a good time role playing we do still ask that our members have a good grasp on the english language and display a level of independence in navigating the site as well as in character building to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Our word count is 200 words per post but may be shortened in clan meetings (150 words), the gathering (150 words), and in rapid-fire threads (no word count). Godmodding and powerplaying are not acceptable. Liquid time is allowed. Kits age every 15 days, everyone else ages every 30 (on average).

2. Don't be a dick. LitL follows common anti-discrimination policies and will immediately ban any member found to be discriminating against another member based on any of these protected classes or others not named on that list. Members are expected to accept and respect all sexualities, genders, and gender expressions of fellow members and of characters. IC prejudice, on the other hand, can happen -- if you ever feel as though IC interactions are crossing a line, contact staff.

3. Members must be 13+ years old and are expected to handle semi-mature material (PG-13 ish); properly mature topics such as graphic violence and mating are not allowed on site, and borderline topics must be marked so as to give users fair warning.

4. Cbox/Discord conduct code is as follows: no spamming, no advertising, no divisive topics, limited swearing (absolutely no f bombs), no mini-modding. Staff will hand out temporary cbox bans if users have trouble following these rules. We are more casual on our Discord channel, but the same rules apply.

5. We are an account per character site, but ask that you first join with an OOC (alias) account for all out of character posting. Please no numbers, symbols, or anything that might otherwise make the account look like spam as we do delete these accounts. Accounts with no posts within the first week of joining may be deleted. IC accounts may be created after bios are accepted and will be used for all in character posting.

6. LitL allows 4 characters free. To make a 5th+ character, you'll have to buy a character slot in the shop and link active/recently finished threads with your current characters. We do not police character loads, but please do take your time and availability into account when making new characters. You can always retire a character you aren't feeling (without killing them IC), just contact staff.

7. There are a few rules that pertain specifically to bios that are works in progress (WIP). Members can have a max of 2 WIP bios posted at any given time. Once a WIP is posted, the member has claim over the cat's name and face claim for 7 days. After this time, if the bio is still not completed, others may choose to use the image/name. Images and names cannot be reserved in advance or for extended periods of time unless specified by staff for plot reasons. This is subject to change for high rank audition bios.

8. Physical and/or mental disabilities, illnesses, deformities, and mutations require shop purchases. This enables staff to police these characters so we 1) don't get a crazy influx of them and 2) so we can verify that those playing them can do so in an accurate and respectful manner. We do allow for a certain level of odd-eye colors, but otherwise remain a mostly realistic site in terms of cat appearances.

9. Queens and kits may not be created -- females must become pregnant by a male onsite using the kitting form or without a male using a shop item, and kits can only be created when such a litter is created. Litters are rolled by staff according to the process on the kitting form. Once kittens are born, they must stay in camp until they are apprenticed -- should they decide to venture out, staff will roll an outcome for them: they could be fine, they could be caught by a warrior and have their apprentice ceremony delayed, or they could be attacked by a predator. The last outcome results in death if a warrior does not come to rescue them within 24 hours.

10. Evil-aligned cats and half-Clan/Clanless-to-Clan cats require staff permission to be made. Evil-aligned cats can have wide repercussions, requiring staff permission; mixed-blood Clan cats entering via bios instead of IC may go against the characters of respective Clan leaders, which staff will not force to happen. For the latter, staff monitors both numbers of mixed-blood cats in Clans and the political stances of leaders cats would have entered under.

11. Apprentices require a minimum of four threads, some of which must be of specific types, to earn their warrior name. Read more on the Mentors/Apprentices directory.

12. IC rule breaking, such as apprentices leaving camp unaccompanied by a warrior or loners entering Clan territory, can be punished by other users' characters. If a character (a warrior or higher) enters the thread once all of the rulebreakers have posted in the thread and within 24 hours of the rule being broken to catch the rulebreaker red-pawed, your character can be punished/scolded/chased off/etc., and consequences may even be further reaching than that. That said, characters' skill levels do play a role in whether or not they are caught, and not every rulebreaking thread will result in punishment.

13. Fighting, among other interactions, is governed by our stat system. Most of the time users can determine a winner on their own; if not, staff will decide the fight. All characters at the beginning of a fight must list their stats and keep that list in each subsequent post to avoid problems with changing stat totals as a thread goes on; a table for listing stats is available on our stat system page as well as the fighting guide.

14. Staff randomly PMs users to let them know one of their cats is sick, with what symptoms, and to what degree. The user then has a certain amount of time to thread with a medicine cat before the illness begins to spread amongst the Clan and tick stat points away from the character's total.

15. Staff may randomly tag accounts to participate in Flash Feline events (hand in hand with our Flash Events: Mother Nature, Prey, and Predator accounts). These events may be prompts, a setting, or a situation to help facilitate interaction between characters and members that (potentially) may have never interacted before. These events are completely optional as we know not everyone will always have time for new threads, but rewards may be given out to those who participate.

16. Image rules are as follows: Avatars are 250x450. Maximum image dimensions on site are 500x500. Each character gets one image set only, and that image set is then not available for use by any other character. Before choosing an image, check the face claim and recently posted WIP bios to make sure it is not already in use. Imgur is not allowed as an image host per their own ToS; we do not recommend Tinypic as an image host because they have proven unreliable in the past. Lastly, all images must be Creative Commons (or you must have permission from the photographer) -- read more on our bio guide.

17. Trigger warnings and content warnings are required in bios. For a full explanation see the latter half of this post. Sexual assault is not permitted in bios.

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